the shapes of clouds is the portfolio site of graphic designer Sara Kim

E-commerce Web Design

a. Ann Taylor

1.) How We Wear It

interactive editorial, 2011
How We Wear It is a monthly feature where Ann Taylor associates style themselves in their favorite pieces for the season.
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2.) CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Challenge

microsite, 2010
In 2010, Ann Taylor sponsored the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Design Challenge. Lisa Axelson, the Head Designer, asked the finalists to design an outfit for the modern professional woman. This site showcases the individual looks from each designer
and links to an eBay charity auction.

b. Kate Spade

1.) Hawaii or Bust

sweepstakes microsite, 2008
Newsletter and landing page design for Kate Spade's first online sweepstakes.

2.) Photography art direction

Still life photography direction for online category page, 2009

3.) Behind The Curtain

Kate spade's whimsical brand identity site, 2007 - 2009

4.) 20 Ways To Merry Make

Kate Spade's online holiday gift guide with animations and sounds, 2009
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5.) Jack Spade's Breaking & Entering

A homepage animation for the Jack Spade true story comic book 'Breaking & Entering'.
illustrations by Jason Pollan. For more information »

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Data Visualization

a. Global Wildfires: National Regime Status and Trends of 2000

48" x 48" poster, 2006
An information mapping project visually illustrating current global wildfire trends. The project reveals that wildfire behaviors have changed for the first time in history — due to climate change and other human-caused factors. Global wildfires are currently a major threat to biodiversity conservation.

b. Chiros

video installation, 2008
'Chiros' was a collabration with new media artists Melanie Crean and Rory Solomon. Over the course of 8 years, Melanie Crean interviewed 15 HIV positive women. The interviews are personal essays about how the women's perceptions of time changed
since being diagnosed. They often express both an urgency related to chronological time, and occassional interruptions by chiros,
a perceived suspension of time during happy moments. As a way to visualize the chiros moment, we created an alternate clock
that runs alongside the interview videos. The clock responds to the words and moods of the women in order to capture that perceived moment of time not exsiting.

Interaction Design

b. Geospace & Media Tool

rich internet application, 2007
The GMT is a web-based tool designed to faciliate advanced search, analysis and integration of multiple media sources (news
feeds, blogs, legislation, scientific journals, and google maps, etc). The tool is oriented around geographic data, which is extracted from search results and placed on a map to reveal emergent connections between people, places, and organizations. The tool was designed with funding from the US Congress and intended for use by researchers and congressional aids.

c. The History of Geospatial-Intel

kiosk interface, 2007
an educational tool created for a classified governmental organization, designed to inform and educate about the organization's operations and technologies.


Sara Kim is a designer specializing in data visualization and interaction design. She has worked for
Kate Spade, Ann Taylor, West Elm and The Parsons Institute for Information Mapping (PIIM).

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